30.10.-12.11.2010: Blue Point - Blue Canyon - Clifton

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We drove about 100 miles south towards Tuba City and then further to Blue Point where there are various canyons. What the photos don't show is the gale force winds we were experiencing at the time!! It certainly wasn't easy to drive and when we got out to look at the canyons we got blown to bits!

The next day Winnie only just made it back up a steep hill on the gravel road. Then we drove further and 14 miles along a gravel track to Blue Canyon.

We have been here before but wanted to do some more exploring. We ended up going off the path and finding our own way. It wasn't easy and we had to negotiate a wide wash. Getting down the steep sand wall into the wash caused a few problems as you can see by the video!

Helen is leaking sand and destroys nature.

We saw a lot of hoodoos and formations (some rude ones too!) but it was a long walk back along the wash which was very muddy in places. Kirsten sank into the mud and got her boots and trousers very muddy!

We stayed for two nights and even had a visit by three owls flying around us in the evening. We left the area and headed south into White Mountains. We went over some high passes, one over 9,300 ft. It was a lovely scenic drive and we stayed for a night in the mountains.

Then we headed down the switchbacks and past the huge Morenci Copper Mine - a blot on the landscape that seems to have its own form of beauty. Just a few miles further south we stayed at a campground in Clifton for more than a week.