North America with Winnie!

In October 2003 we moved to our new home. We gave everything up in Hamburg and flew to San Diego, California where the motor home we had just bought was waiting. Our 1986 Toyota Winnebago is a cult model in America, a fact we didn't know when we bought it. We lovingly call him "Winnie".

Our plan was to spend one year travelling in America and Canada but after only a few weeks we realised that travelling in a motor home is perfect for us. Wherever we go we have our home with us - our own bed, a full fridge, a toilet, drinking water, heating etc. We have everything we need to follow our dream.

Our planned one year turned into 12 years from 2003 until 2015. We travelled through America, Canada and Mexico and also drove through Central America in 2011/2012. In August 2015 we went up in the world and are now the proud owners of two motor homes! "Winnietwo" is a 1999 Fiat Ducato and we are using him to travel around South America from October to May each year and then return to Winnie in Canada for the summer months.

In between we also take off to other parts of the world. We pack our bags and rucksacks and go backpacking but we are always happy to return to our two homes where we can cook for ourselves and enjoy a more peaceful pace of life. If we don't like the view, (or our neighbours!) we can move on. If the weather is bad we can sit it out or leave. Life in a motor home is very flexible and we have the freedom to do what we want and visit whatever places we are inspired to see.

We are often asked about the best place we have ever seen - a question that is not easy to answer in just a few short sentences. Our world is a fantastic place and has an unbelievable amount to offer. So we will let our videos, photos and travel reports speak for themselves.

Have fun reading!